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Why Choose MBC?


What sets MBC apart?

As you consider your options with regard to a possible change to your retirement plan, you might be wondering if there are advantages to you and your participants if you choose MBC as your Third Party Administrator (“TPA”).  We think the answer is a resounding “yes,” and following are some of the reasons why.

Dedicated Contact

As a client of MBC, you will have a dedicated contact for your plan.  This means there will be one consultant in our office that works on your plan and becomes intimately familiar with it.  We believe this works better than a team approach.  To ensure you the best service, however, we also have standardized our procedures so that another consultant will be able to assist you with an urgent matter if your contact is unavailable. You will speak with your plan’s dedicated consultant whenever MBC can be of assistance with regard to plan design and plan document maintenance, nondiscrimination testing, or day-to-day plan administration concerns.  MBC has a very low employee turnover rate, and this means many of our clients have had the same consultant for over ten years!

Plan Distributions Coordinator

In addition to their dedicated consultant, all MBC clients are served by our Plan Distributions Coordinator, Jane Steinhardt.  Jane assists with all aspects of distribution processing, including loans, hardships, QDROs and terminations.  Distributions may be requested online via your investment provider’s website, on paper, or via telephone, depending on your preferences.  For some investment providers, MBC can approve and sign loan and distribution requests, taking that burden off you.

We’re Available When You Need Us

Consultants spend most of their time in the office, which means we answer the phone when you call.  We also pride ourselves on returning voice mails and emails promptly.

We’re not Tied to any Investment Provider

Plan assets and participant account recordkeeping do not flow through our office.  This means we can provide an independent analysis of your plan.  We balance plan assets at least annually to help ensure there have been no errors or omissions. Because we can work with many different investment providers, even if you move plan assets in the future you can usually retain MBC as your TPA.

We Talk to Participants

Unlike many TPAs, we allow plan participants to call here if we can assist them in any way.  Usually this is related to plan distributions or loans, but we can also help participants maintain their online accounts (depending on your investment provider) or assist them in understanding how your plan works.

We file Form 5500 for You

MBC clients simply sign a paper copy of the fully-completed Form 5500 and an authorization form, and MBC takes care of the required electronic filing.  This means you do not have to log in to any website or remember user IDs, passwords or PINs.  We do it all for you.

We Customize your Experience

Just tell us what you want and how you would like your plan to run, and we’ll do everything we can to make that possible.  We are at your service!



The general information provided in this guide is based upon complex requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations. It is provided with the understanding that, for the purposes of this publication, MBC Retirement Services, Inc. is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. Although care has been taken to present the material accurately, MBC Retirement Services, Inc. disclaims any implied or actual warranties as to the accuracy of any material herein and any liability with respect thereto.